We’re very pleased to announce the brand new forestry.com – your new second home as a logger or forester. Here’s the place to find, discuss, share and inform yourself about everything connected to forestry. Enjoy to be among people from all over the world with one thing in common: Forestry as a passion or a profession. Or both!

Free, independent membership – of course

As you may know, we, Fredrik and Torbjörn runs Scandinavia’s largest forest website – skogsforum.se. The success behind Skogsforum now brings us to Forestry.com and a large part of the success is about transparency and respect for the user. You will feel confident and rest assured that you and your data are in safe hands when using Forestry.com. Becoming a member is safe, easy and free and you do not associate yourself with any flaws. Common sense simply.

News about forestry and newsletters

Many live a stressed everyday life and find it hard to learn about things you want to know more about. If you are a member of Forestry.com, you will receive contentious newsletters with latest news about the forest and forestry. Of course, you can unsubscribe this subscription whenever you want.

World wide Forestry

With Forestry.com, we take a holistic approach to forestry around the world. Anyone who wants to join are welcome and an example of this is the fact that any member can start a group of their own. If you want to start a group for operators in Iceland, you can do that, or how to sharpen chainsaws in Wisconsin for that matter. The only requirement is that it’s about forestry, forestry or forestry, ok?

So, is there anything to wait for? Welcome to become one of us in a nice and knowledgeable community.

Welcome to our Your Forestry.com!