Silvatec was a Danish manufacturer of forest machines until 2017 when the company went bankrupt. In 2008, the Russian company Machinery & Industrial Group NV purchased Silvatec and ran it for almost ten years. Attempts were made to sell the company but without success, so it was closed down. But Silvatec wasn´t gone forever …

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What happened to Silvatec?

Among other machines they manufactured the 8-wheeled harvester Sleipner that was displayed at Elmia Wood in 2001 in pink color. A smart marketing move – there were not many forestry magazines that didn´t show a photo of this machine back then.

What happened to Silvatec

The pink shiny Silvatec harvester at Elmia Wood in 2001.
Photo: Silvatec

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Silvatec also made harvester heads and forwarders. Another product in the Silvatec range that was quite popular was the front-fed disc chipper Silvatec Grane. Today, some 25 – 30 of those chippers are still in use, and since August 2020 you can get a new one.

Green Chip took over

The Danish company Green Chip took over the rights and drawings to take up the production of the Silvatec Grane chippers. The new chipper is called Green Chip CH 838. The base unit is the German HSM 208F “Big Foot” but the chipper, chip bin and everything around it is identical with the Silvatec Grane.

What happened to Silvatec

The Green Chip CH 838 – a Silvatec chipper built on a HSM 208F “Big Foot”.

Green Chip are the Danish importer of HSM forest machinery and also manufacturer of different kinds of forestry equipment.