The cloud-based use of the Stihl LogBuch makes voice-controlled mapping through a smartphone-app possible. This can be useful in forestry and park management in cities. To increase the precision in mapping and evaluation, LogBuch now offers a separate GNSS amplifier (Global Navigation Satellite Systems).

LogBuch a new GNSS amplifier

The new wireless GNSS amplifier LogBuch can receive satellite signals from many radio frequencies and is therefore very precise in GPS positioning.
Photo: STIHL

LogBuch – a new GNSS amplifier

The compact device can receive satellite signals from many different radio frequencies. This vastly increases the precision in the collected GPS-data. In the forest, as for an example, the precision of positioning is under 30 centimeters (12 in) – in open terrain under 5 (2 in) centimeters. The device has a battery capacity of up to 14 hours and it can be connected to a smartphone.

Using the LogBuch

The size of the amplifier allows the user to carry it in a pocket.

For forestry the use is obvious: Single trees can be digitally marked on a map, e.g., for special assortments or damaged trees that must be removed. The precision allows to mark single trees which is not possible with normal, free of charge, positioning apps. This makes it easy for loggers to find the market trees, and also for the forwarder in the next step to get the logs out of the forest.

Also in the cities one can imagine that it could be suitable to mark trees, e.g., in parks for maintenance and other actions.

LogBuch a new GNSS amplifier

The compact device is connected to a smartphone and could easily be fitted in the pocket of the user.
Photo: STIHL

Facts & figures

Measurements (mm):        51 x 25 x 100

Connectivity:                      Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

Connection:                        USB-C

Battery capacity:                Up to 14 hours

Available from autumn 2021. Keep an eye on your local Stihl website and on LogBuch (in German).