This summer we had a chance to visit a demo of SP latest harvesting head – the SP 661LF. It was mounted at a Rottne H21D wheeled harvester which has power enough to produce in rough spruce logging. The SP 661LF has a size very suitable for final felling in Sweden but also in other countries with similar conditions. The larger head, 761LF, is heavier and needs a stronger carrier than the 661LF which fills a gap between SPs 561 and 761 heads.

The new 661-head comes in four different frame versions: One with saw box for a 90 cm (35 in) bar and one for a shorter bar. One version for eucalyps logging/debarking and one version with top saw.

The felling capacity is up to 70 cm (27 in) cutting diameter and maximum delimbing diameter is 51 cm (20 in). total weight of the 661LF head is 1450 kg (3197 lb).

You can find more information about SP 661 LF at SP maskiners webpage.


Here is a video

And some pictures:

SP661LF at Rottne H21D carrier

The Rottne H21D is suitable carrier for the SP 661LF head

SP661LF front view

Front view of SP 661LF

The maximum felling width for the SP 661LF is 70 cm.

SP661LF view from back

The new SP 661LF Harvester head seen from the back


SP 661LF at a Rottne H21D and big logs

SP661LF big spruce tree

Large spruce trees with two cubic meters volume each