Finnish agriculture and forest machine manufacturer Sampo-Rosenlew announces that Jussi Malmi will take over as new CEO of the company from 1st of February. Jussi recently came from a position as CEO of the forest machine manufacturer Logset but he has also spent many years in Timberjack and JohnDeere among other companies.

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Log Max Harvester Heads

For those who until now have seen Sampo-Rosenlew more as a combine manufacturer than as a forest machine company, there is enough reason to rethink. Especially after last year’s product launches at the forestry show Metko in Finland with a new larger harvester HR 68 and two new larger forwarders: the 15-tonne forwarder Sampo FR68  and the 12-tonne forwarder FR 46. Read more about Sampos new machines here.


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sampo harvester finland

Finnish forest machine manufacturer Sampo appoints a new CEO and strengthen their profil beeing serious about CTL-forest machines. Here’s the new 8WD harvester HR68 which was launched at Metko in 2018.

The principal owner of Sampo-Rosenlew is the Indian group Mahindra & Mahindra and the company group also includes the Korean vehicle manufacturer SsangYong.

Read Sampo-Rosenlew’s press release here.