At the recent FinnMETKO show, the Finnish machine manufacturer ProSilva presented at least three news. The most spectacular was a brand-new forwarder with some interesting solutions. Also, a new cab and new color were presented. 

New forwarder from ProSilva

The new ProSilva J14 forwarder.

New forwarder from ProSilva

Apart from the new forwarder, a new larger cabin was presented. The new machines that were displayed at the Metko also had a new color, a different green tone. According to the ProSilva sales director, Norbert Schalkx, the traditional ProSilva green reminds too much of the old Timberjack green and therefore the color will be changed.

You can compare the colors yourself between the new forwarder above and the ProSilva S3 harvester below.

New forwarder from ProSilva

The ProSilva S3 harvester in the old (Timberjack?) color.

The new forwarder – ProSilva J14

In a teaser article last week, a photo of a pendulum arm was shown. That was from the ProSilva J14. And now it’s time to reveal the rest.

ProSilva already has a forwarder in its range, the ProSilva F2. But this machine is mainly meant to be used on soft soil and under wet conditions. The ProSilva J14 is more of an all-around forwarder that could be used in all types of terrain.

The J14 is equipped with an automatic leveling control where each bogie is mounted on a leveling arm. The ground clearance is adjustable between 350 millimeters (14 inches) to 1.150 millimeters (45 inches).

New forwarder from ProSilva

The rear end at its highest position.

The main purpose of the leveling is however the ability to drive the machine on side slopes. The sideways leveling is 24° and can be automatically compensated. This function is quite logical if ask me, as many harvesters today have that function. To bring the timber out, there should be a forwarder with the same function.

Interesting solutions

There are a couple of small details that are somewhat different, which makes them interesting.

The rotating cabin has made it possible to have the ladder to the cabin at the backside of the tractor part. This also means that you can enter or leave the cabin on both sides of the machine even though the cabin only has one door. There are similar ladders on both sides.

New forwarder from ProSilva

The ladder to the cabin is actually two ladders, one on each side. Please note that the leveling on this photo is in its highest position.

This solution has made another unconventional solution possible. As the ladder to the cabin is placed behind the cabin, the exhaust pipe from the engine doesn’t have to go above the rooftop of the cab. Instead, the exhaust is simply let out on the side, meaning that the view from the cab is better as no pipe is blocking it.

New forwarder from ProSilva

The exhaust pipe has been shortened as the ladder to the cabin has been moved to the rear of the tractor. Now, it’s simply a hole at the side of the machine. This gives the operator a better view.

New cab and new color

As mentioned above, ProSilva presented a new cab at the Metko. The new cabin is more spacious than the old one. There is even room enough to bring a passenger in the cab. The J14 forwarder is of course equipped with the new cab.

Both the new cab and the new color was also shown on an S5 harvester at the ProSilva stand.

New forwarder from ProSilva

The new cabin, here on the S5 harvester. It’s the same cab as on the new J14 forwarder.

New forwarder from ProSilva

The S5 harvester in the new color and with the new cabin.

More facts about the ProSilva J14

The ProSilva J14 is not yet ready for the market. There are still some things to solve but if everything goes to plan, the machine could theoretically be ready for the market during the coming winter, according to Norbert Schalkx.

New forwarder from ProSilva

The ProSilva Sales Director Norbert Schalkx. A familiar face within the forest machine business.

The engine of the J14 is a Cummins B6.7 Stage 5 engine of 186 kW (250 hp). The torque at 1.500 rpm is 1.152 Nm.

The transmission is fully hydrostatic. There are eight electric controlled variable displacement motors, one for each wheel, with planetary gears.

Dimensions are 10.300 millimeters (406 inches) in length and the width is 2.820 millimeters (111 inches).

The weight is approx. 20 metric tons unloaded and 34 tons loaded. The loading capacity is 14 tons.

The crane is a Kesla 9FT with 10 meters reach (33 feet).

Some more photos

Here are some more photos of the new ProSilva J14 forwarder. You will find more information about ProSilva and their range on their home page here.

New forwarder from ProSilva

The J14 is equipped with an automatic leveling system.

New forwarder from ProSilva

The J14.

New forwarder from ProSilva

The J14 forwarder from the rear. The leveling is here at its highest position.

New forwarder from ProSilva

The leveling system is controlled by sturdy cylinders.

New forwarder from ProSilva

The ProSilva stand was busy in the sun at the Metko show.


Photos: Per Jonsson