The Swedish manufacturer of tracks for forest machines Olofsfors, announces in a press-release that Göran Nyberg who has been a CEO in the company for 6 years, hands over the position to Urban Hadarsson. 

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The new and the old; Urban Hadarsson, the new CEO at Olofsfors, and Göran Nyberg, who will move on within the P Wikström Jr. group.

New CEO at Olofsfors

Urban Hadarsson comes from ÅLÖ AB where he in recent years had responsibility for the company’s OEM sales.

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“I am really looking forward to take over the baton after Göran”, says Urban Hadarsson. “It feels like a great honor to take on such a fine company with over 250 years history, which remains in the forefront.”

Göran Nyberg will move on within the owner group, P Wikström Jr. Group where he will be Vice President.

Read the whole press release from Olofsfors here.