In September 2021 Stihl in Waiblingen, Germany presented the first charger for multiple Stihl batteries, AL 301-4. It can charge up to four batteries of the Stihl AP system, or the backpack AR-batteries sequential.

The new Stihl AL 301-4 is the first multiple charger that is developed both for workshops and vehicles.
Photo: STIHL

New battery charger from Stihl – AL 301-4

Professional users of battery equipment in park-, garden-, landscape- and forest managing are dependent on having charged batteries always close by. The new Stihl AL 301-4 is designed for use both in workshops and vehicles. This makes it possible to always have freshly charged batteries wherever you are operating.

New battery charger from Stihl

Professional users can charge up to four batteries of the Stihl AP system sequential with the new multiple charger Stihl AL 301-4.
Photo: STIHL

The AL 301-4 charger has a robust design and can be mounted on a wall or simply stand on a bench etc. For transport multiple chargers could be stacked on top of each other. The batteries are secured in the charger during charging.


Battery or gas – the constant question

For us working in the forest there is some doubtfulness when it comes to battery powered equipment. To carry a bunch of batteries to and from the forest every day is something that doesn´t seem tempting for most of us. After all, the gas can is lighter by the end of the day, and maybe lasts longer per weight unit.

In the future the batteries will hopefully last longer and then it will be more interesting for loggers to use battery equipment. Until then solutions like the new Stihl 301-4 could be good alternatives?