Time flies, as they say. The winter is around the corner. That means that it is time to start the chainsaw up and hit the forest for many of us. So – it’s time to prepare.

Logging season is here

Luxury? Yes, but it’s worth it if you ask me. Maybe a couple of sizes too big for me …

Logging season is here

I only work in the forest in the winter. That means that I start sometimes in October – November each year and keep on until approx. mid-April. The same problem occurs every year when I start: I must search for the stuff I need.

Where are the saws? Where are my saw protection pants? Did I have any spare chains and files? Why is all the gas gone? I didn’t use it over the summer. Oh, I forgot to buy new gloves! The reflection has disappeared in my jacket … Was that because it hung on the balcony, in the sun, for over four months? I should have thought of that (at least I found it …).

Well, after a few days’ things tend to organize themselves. After all, it would be best if you found it all to get underway. But you must take into account (at least I must) that you will need those few days before everything runs smoothly.

What do you need?

That’s, of course, very individual. But please think about your safety before anything else. Especially if you, like me, work alone in the forest. Make sure all safety equipment is working and in good shape. Also, make sure that you are in good condition. Take it easy to start with, and the endurance will come to you after a while.

Here is an article from last year about my suggestions for preparations.

Here is an article about why a driver’s license for a chainsaw could be a good idea.

And here is an article about how I got my license here in Sweden.

Logging season is here

A memory from last winter when I got to fell some larger trees as well. That is not likely to happen this winter – unfortunately.

My upcoming season

Last winter, I managed to get a mix of young commercial thinning and some sturdier forest to cut. This season it looks as if I have to settle for young, both commercial and pre-commercial thinning. Considering that, I ordered my first ever small chainsaw, which also happens to be my very first ever Stihl. I’m an old Husky user, and I’m pretty pleased with my 550 XP Mrk II and my old 254, but as I’m getting older (they say) and as I will work mainly in the thin forest this winter, I decided to try a Stihl MS 201 as it is a bit smaller.

I will get back to my experience about that saw later when I have received it and worked with it for some time.