According to a press release from 25th January 2021 IKEA launches new 2030 forest agenda to push for improved forest management and biodiversity globally. The agenda is announced as a way to ramp up the work to further enhance biodiversity, mitigate climate change and drive innovation to use wood in smarter ways.

IKEA launches new forest agenda

IKEA launches new forest agenda

“Wood is one of the main materials in IKEA products and an essential part of our heritage. It´s durable, renewable, recyclable and beautiful. As a large user of wood, for many years we have consciously worked to use our scale and global reach as a driver for positive change in the forestry sector, particular in regions facing challenges. Wood is also a key material for the future, for reaching our ambitions to become circular and climate positive.” says Ulf Johansson, Wood Supply & Forestry Manager.

IKEA launches new forest agenda

Ulf Johansson, Wood Supply & Forestry Manager.

200 million EURO investment

Last year Inter IKEA Group announced a 200 million EURO investment to speed up the transformation to become climate positive. A considerable part of that investment is aimed at removing carbon from the atmosphere through reforestation of degraded forests and better forest management practices.

Read the press release from IKEA

Here you can read the whole press release from IKEA


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