The sister-site informs that Husqvarna (Husky) launches a battery saw with heated handles. This is most likely the first battery saw with heated handles.

Battery saw with heated handles


Battery saw with heated handles

It’s the Husky top-of-the-line battery saw Husqvarna 540i XP that will be equipped with heated handles. The saw will be available from February 2023. Also, the top-hand version, T540i XP will have the same option.

Apart from this, the 540i XP will also get a sensor for the oil level. Something that the corresponding Stihl MSA 300 already has. A good thing as keeping track of the oil level is not as easy as on a gas saw where you fill both tanks simultaneously.

This is exciting news. Especially interesting is how this will affect the running time for a battery. The Husky 540i is one of the best with a long-lasting battery capacity. In December last year, we published a comparing test of battery saws including the Husky 540i. You can read that article here.

This is yet another step in the battery revolution in the forest. What will come next?