Earlier this year, FTG Moheda launched the new log loader M81DT. The latest development is that both big loaders, the M81T and M81DT, are offered with the crane tip control xCrane as an option.

FTG Moheda launches crane tip control

Photo: FTGforest.com

Crane tip control for M81T and M81DT

All the major machine manufacturers offer crane tip control as an option for their forwarders, and in some cases also for the harvesters. In a previous article, we wrote about Komatsu Forest and their system Smart Crane. In that article, there is a film that pedagogically shows the function of crane tip control at about 3,45 into the film.

The function is what it sounds like. The operator can focus on where the crane tip is meaning that he/she doesn’t have to use the outer boom and the telescope. Those functions are controlled by the crane tip control. If you are an experienced crane operator, it might be difficult to get used to letting the machine decide. But I tried the mentioned Komatsu and got into it quite easily.

Easy to use

The crane tip control is becoming more and more usual also on log trailers for tractors. According to FTG Moheda, the xCrane improves the working environment for the operator and prolongs the life cycle of the log loader. It’s also very easy to use.