We have mentioned the inventor Christer Lennartsson and his Fiberdrive 9.5 before in an article. Here is another film clip showing the concept in thinning, where it´s meant to be according to the inventor.


Thoughts outside the box

People may say that this is crazy, that this machine can´t be something that replace other harvesters. But bear in mind that this is a prototype with solutions that can´t be seen on other machines; The unique steering, the eight computer-controlled pendulum arms and the hydraulic accumulation.

Even if this concept shouldn´t be commercially successful as it is, there are parts of it that definitely could suit other concepts or even “normal” forest machines.

Interested customers – and manufacturers(?)

On the other hand, there are customers interested in buying a Fiberdrive 9.5. The problem for Christer is that he doesn´t have the facilities to start a large scale manufacturing of the machine. He wants someone else to do that. Who? Maybe you?

I think we should be thankful that there are people who think outside the box also when it comes to logging equipment. Let´s face it, harvesters and forwarders have looked the same for decades now. Haven´t they?

fiberdrive with tracks

The Fiberdrive 9.5 with tracks.
Photo: Christer Lennartsson