Stihl’s new 80cc chainsaw with fuel injection has taken the chainsaw industry by storm. It’s a buzz for sure! It was a long time since there was a larger technological leap in the chainsaw industry and when new products arriving, then it will be interesting for everyone with an interest.

Stihl MS 500i after three months of testing.

For those of you who missed our first test of Stihl MS 500i, you can read it in our article of the initial test of the MS 500i.

In the name of honesty, it was not easy to summarize the first test in the link above. MS 500i was a chainsaw that lacked references. It has power almost like a 90cc while weighing as (kind of) a 60cc saw. This, combined with a cruel acceleration, means that the saw ends up in a completely separate class that has not existed until now.

Cookie Cutting with the Stihl MS 500i

In addition to always being independent, we try to be nerdy critical when testing new products. We try to find those things that may be good to know, whether it is positive or negative. For MS 500i, it boiled down to the fact that there was little sawdust inside the air filter, this is after Lars-Erik ran the saw for three months and consumed about 100 liters (25 gallons) of gasoline in it. And he skipped maintenance! It feels almost a little silly to take up because the chainsaw didn’t seem to care about this, but this is the only negative we find.

But that’s how we humans are found and perhaps one of the reasons we are where we are today. It has also been noticed in the comments of MS 500i. Here are examples of opinions we’ve heard so far:

500i will never last. It is not possible to serial-produce such a saw, which will then last over time.

Someone said it (probably) is thirsty.

It is so expensive that no one will buy it.

Does Stihl MS 500i last over time?

This was an issue we asked ourselves after hearing the above statement that it will not. We decided to try to get a longer test than the week on which the first test was based. Stihl Norden lent us the saw again and now it has run over 100 tanks (about 100 liters of gasoline), this in 3 months between March and May 2019.

Top cover of the Stihl MS 500i

And now we humans come in again. The order from us to Lars-Erik who ran the saw was to be naughty against it. Run it at least as hard as the other saws in the arsenal, no preventative service (just refuel and drive as long as it goes).

And so he did. And the MS 500i seemed to like it!

The thing has just kept on going, without any problems. The air filter is basically completely clogged. It does not seem to come to it. It starts at first or second jerk (sometimes at third) and it seems to run better than ever.

But wait now, it must be thirsty?

According to Lars-Erik, who now consumed 100 liters of fuel in the saw, it is not thirsty. This is, therefore, from a professional chainsaw logger’s perspective where he then also weighs in performance. Then it is not thirsty than anyone else.

Close-up of Stihl MS 500i

Ok, but no one will buy one saw for over USD 1,700?

Well, one looks at what has been discussed in a topic on Skogsforum, there is undoubtedly a crazed target group. For manually working loggers, the purchase price of Stihl MS 500i is not a deterrent. Compared to the car’s monthly fee, the sum is quickly manageable. But perhaps the most important thing is that productivity increases and the saw can hopefully pay off within a reasonable time. There will surely also be a market for conscious forest owners, probably it is several that “should only have one”.

Lars-Erik with the test saw Stihl MS 500i

Although not Stihl MS 500i was the first chainsaw with fuel injection (now we have that human thing again, it was Jonsered XD which was released in 1957), it will probably be that Stihl MS 500i is the saw that with the help of injection will push the chainsaw industry into a new era. An era where we will be spoiled with lower weights and higher effects. It feels okay!

Here’s a video that sums up the test, what do you think?