The board of Swedish PEFC have decided to extend the temporary exemption of use of chemical treatment against the bark-beetle (Ips Typographus) in Sweden. The exemption will be valid during the whole season 2021 under the same conditions as in 2020.

Ahead of the 2020 season PEFC Sweden made the decision to make an exemption of the ban, according to the PEFC Forestry Standard, to use chemical treatment against the bark-beetle. This was due to the difficult situation with the bark-beetle infestation, in combination with aggravating circumstances due to the corona situation.

The exemption was notifiable and no PEFC certificate holders invoked the exemption during 2020. After evaluation, the board of PEFC Sweden have decided that chemical treatment should be possible also in 2021 under the same conditions as in 2020.

bark beetle traps

Bark beetle traps in Check Republic. Damaged forest in the background.
Photo Per Jonsson

Source: PEFC Sweden